Frankie - how Proflax Skin & Coat has helped my allergies!

Frankie is the winner of our Dog of the Month for July 20. His paw parent Yasmine Millen entered her gorgeous boy to win two bottles of Proflax supplements of choice and a consultation with canine nutritionist Moddie Lambert - Simply Raw Feeding.

Yasmine chose two bottles of Skin & Coat to try as Frankie's skin was red, itchy and very inflamed. These pictures show Frankie's skin after a month of use of Skin & Coat, which shows his skin clearer with no redness or inflammation. Both mumma and boy are absolutely delighted!

If you have an itchy pooch, try our Skin & Coat and reduce your fur babies itch. It contains herbal ingredients that have natural steroidal and anti-histamine properties.

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