Adaptogens and Adrenal Function

Adrenals, the glands of stress, mobilise various stress responses to stress, including physical, biochemical, hormonal, thermal, internal, external and emotional.
Excessive stress may be caused by a single event or by the accumulation of chronic or repeated stress.
When the capacity of the adrenals to secrete enough hormones to make the necessary physiological and biochemical compensations for that level of stress cannot meet the requirements of continually excessive pressure, adrenal fatigue occurs.
Adaptogens are thought to increase the effectiveness of adrenal gland secretion.
Adaptogens are also thought to increase cellular energy levels and prevent oxidative damages, leading to the maintenance of normal adrenal function.
Withania somnifera is noted as a useful support in adrenal function and can be found in the following Proflax Blends:
* Bone and Joint
* Calm and Collected
* Golden Oldies
* Immunity and Vitality
Written by Lisa Hannaby - Bsc. Psych. Hons, MSc Human Nutrition
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