Adaptogens & Stress

Yesterday we explored how adaptogens function like a stress-vaccine; activating a mild stress response to equip the body to deal with a more challenging stressor in future.

But they also support the body returning to homeostasis too.

Typically a cell is in either:
- Balance (homeostasis),
- Functioning under stressful conditions,
- A state of adaptation (tolerance to stress),
- A state of apoptosis (dying - nothing to worry about, it needs to occur just not excessively).

To maintain balance, there are a number of key players.

Adaptogens are thought to:
- Regulate stress hormones,
- Enhance the repair of damaged proteins,
- Protect against extreme cell death,
- Maintain normal energy levels within the cells,
- Regulate immune function which reduces the host's susceptibility to damage.

Keep your eyes peeled for specific functions attributed to certain adaptogens
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