What are Adaptogens?

We'll give you a clue, adaptogens help the body adapt.

Whilst they are often touted as a new buzz word or trend, they have in fact been used for thousands of years and there are a number of reasons why you will find them in the Proflax Blends.

The term adaptogen was introduced into scientific literature by Russian toxicologist Nikolay Lazarev, (yet it isn't clear whether it was in the 1940's or 50's), to refer to ‘substances that increase the state of non-specific resistance' in stress.

Broadly, an adaptogen must meet the following criteria:

🕹️ Firstly, adaptogens must to be non-specific and must assist the body in resisting a wide range of adverse conditions, such as physical, chemical or biological stress. These may include environmental pollution, infectious diseases and emotional disharmony.

⚖️ Second, adaptogens must maintain homeostasis, that is, these substances can offset or resist physical disorders caused by external stress.

☣️ Third, adaptogens must not harm the normal functions of the body.

We can almost think of adaptogens for the body, like exercise for muscles. When we first start exercising we may get a little stiff, but as we continue to train and exercise, our bodies adapt and get better at dealing with it. Adaptogens are a way to help the body adapt and get better at dealing with stress.

Each adaptogen has a slightly different function, and they are seen to work in slightly different ways in the body, so check out our other blogs to learn more.

Written by Lisa Hannaby - Bsc. Psych. Hons, MSc Human Nutrition

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