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There can be many reasons why your dog has poor skin & coat condition or sensitivities/allergies. Generally speaking, the problem starts in your dogs gut! 70% of your dogs immune system is housed within his gut, and a compromised gut results in immune dysfunction and allergy type problems. Anything toxic that your dog is exposed to also puts strain on the liver, and a sluggish liver = poor lymphatic drainage resulting in bad skin and a poor condition coat.

Choose from four products to support your dogs skin & coat health.  

Skin & Coat consists of 75% cold pressed flaxseed oil and a 25% herbal tincture blend. This products reduce moulting, aids hair regrowth, promotes colour pigmentation and nourishes the skin and coat.

Omega Vital consists of 75% fish oil blend and a 25% herbal tincture blend. This product is excellent for keeping the gut and immune system strong and healthy thus promoting a healthy skin & coat.

Liver Love is a fab product for detoxing the liver, especially after medication, anaesthetic and any chemical flea or worming treatments. A build up of toxins can have a 


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