Immunity & Digestion 250ml


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Immunity & Digestion superfood supplement for dogs contains cold pressed flaxseed oil and active herbs. Echinacea, Astralagus, Withania, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Gotu Kola and Liquorice help to boost immunity, increase vitality, aid focus and promotes calmness. Ideal for dogs that have had pups, are recovering from an illness or operation or need extra emotional support. Contains 5 adaptogenic herbs that help to rebalance both emotionally and physically. Also supports digestive and heart functions, regulates metabolism and hormone function and gently cleanses the liver of toxins. 5 a day nutrition as bursting with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. Multi purpose, ready blended once a day concentrated supplement.

Feed once daily or every other day depending on the level of support required.

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Excellent Service

Great products

Thank you for giving us a great 5-star review!

Excellent product really works

Thank you for the five star review!
Great idea- Wellbeing

Lovely smell, consistency and design. However, I received this specifically to try on my nervous dog and I can report I have not seen any notifiable difference in her behaviour. This sort of thing works on some dogs an not others. For the price you may as well give it a shot.

Wellbeing and vitality

My chihuahua recently showed high liver enzymes on a blood test.
Concerned she was getting liver damage I put her on the wellbeing and vitality supplement because it includes milk thistle.
Four days later she had a follow up blood test which showed an inprovment already and then a week later her bloods were perfect and had returned to normal.
The vet was really positive that there had been such a fast improvement - the liver does heal itself as best it can but her results went from 783 down to 46!

I also noticed that both my chihuahuas have brighter eyes and the whites are whiter.

I believe in the power of Tumeric and the ingredients in all these products are fantastic.

Thank you Proflax - please can you make a toothpaste for dogs next...

This is a fantastic review — thank you so much Kate!
Remarkable results...

Thank you 'Proflax Natural' as we no longer have a 'snowy' Whippet, or rather 'snowy' coated dog, i.e. very dry skin condition and constantly shedding it, and her coat is shiny and soft too. Within a week, and we expected longer being a natural product, the results became evident and many other dog walkers have noticed too. She is a nervous dog and we think the herbs helped calm her too. So back to stroking her now and without leaving a trail of 'snow-dust' behind ;)

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