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Our relationship with the Agility community is going from strength to strength and as a result we have some lovely feedback from one of the teams we sponsor, A & J Agility. Abee Wilkinson spoke with online Agility magazine 'Everything Agility' about the great benefits of Proflax Natural.

"I started using Proflax Natural before Christmas 2017. I approached Sam and asked about all the health benefits and was completely amazed. I work my dogs in agility so they are active all the time and I have an older dog that has lived her life at 100mph and is now struggling. I'd heard about joint aid and other supplements, but decided to give Proflax a go. It's all 100% Natural with nothing in there to harm the dogs or other side effect. It didn't take very long till I started seeing the benefits. Over Christmas we were taking the dogs on longer walks to keep fitness us as they weren't getting their normal training sessions, we always take all the dogs including our older one (when I say old she's 7, so still very active but struggles with her joints). We knew the others would all be fine with the longer walks, so mainly keep an eye on Smash. We notice from time to time that she gets stiff and clicks a lot. But since taking Proflax she isn't getting stiff nor is she clicking when she jumps on sofa or gets up from laying down. We couldn't believe the improvement in her. With the other dogs, we find they have more energy and their joints and muscles always seem more supple since taking Proflax. We always make sure we do our warm ups before training and competing, but since being on Proflax the warm ups seem to be easier and they are always raring to go. There is also a benefit with their coats and general appearance. Coats seem fuller smoother softer and their eyes are brighter. We always try the best for our dogs, so we're really pleased to find Sam and Proflax. The improvement in all my dogs is absolutely amazing. Proflax is helping keeping my dogs fit and healthy so that they can continue to do a sport that they all love."

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