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Do We Need Flax Oil? By Naturally Healthy Dogs

Our friends over at Naturally Healthy Dogs are writing a series of blog posts about our supplements!
Here's an extract from the post:
"Today, I’m going to cover the benefits of Flaxseed (Linseed) Oil, how it differs in composition from Fish Oils and why it is important for some Dogs diets to be supplemented with either Flax Oil or both Flax and Fish Oil.
Flaxseed Oil is typically Cold-Pressed, ensuring that none of the beneficial compounds are lost during production, ideally this should be done at around 20-35 Degrees.

Fish Oils contain little to none of these two Fatty Acids and exclusively contain only EPA and DHA from the Omega-3 spectrum. Some other Marine Oils will contain more of a range than standard Salmon or Cod Liver Oils such as Green-Lipped Mussels (more on the benefits of GLM can be found here).

We decided to stock Proflax Flaxseed Oil supplements as their Flaxseed is grown in the UK on Red Tractor Approved Farms and is certified Chemical and Pesticide free by DEFRA approved Laboratories. Their Flaxseed is then Cold Pressed (at 27 Degrees) in the UK, bottled with a 20-25% Herbal mix formulated with the help of Holistic Vet Nick Thompson to address specific issues and provide support at an Emotional and Physical level using Adaptogenic Herbs in synergy with the naturally occurring compounds in Flaxseed Oil."

To continue reading, please visit the link below. Our lovely friends at Naturally Healthy Dogs will be making an informative series of posts.
Part two: Adaptogens.
Coming soon! 
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