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Keeping Healthy in 2019

Kickstart 2019 with ways to get healthy with your best friend.

If the New Year has made you think about getting fitter, losing some of the Christmas excess or look for other more interesting ways to exercise, then here are just a few ways to cut a plan that includes your dog. Our canine friends can carry excess body fat too so a good way to kick start a plan is to work together!

Opt for nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • Reduce sugary carbs and saturated fats and replace with high protein meals and delicious fruits & veggies.
  • Choose dog foods and treats that are 100% natural which contains a high meat content with no additives or preservatives.
There are plenty of dog food options available from high-quality natural kibble to DIY/complete raw meals.

Keep active
  • This is an obvious one which we hear all of the time! Sometimes it’s not possible to go for walkies twice a day. Instead, you can play with your pooch in the garden with a dog toy or have a game of hide-and-seek to entertain, amuse and exercise.
  • Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated and a bowl of fresh water available for your dog at all times.
  • If you are feeling extra ambitious or would like to try something new, then why not find out more about Bikejor or Canicross in your area? This is either cycling or running with your dog, so largely depends on your breed of dog. Facebook has some groups which you can find out more about these two sports.
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