Feeding More than One Proflax Supplement

Can I feed a Proflax powder and flaxseed or fish oil on the same day?


If you want to feed both a Proflax powder and oil on the same day and your powder of choice has different herbal ingredients to your chosen oil, you can feed each product at the recommended daily amount, in different feeds. You can also add Keep off Me! tincture too as a third product on the same day providing your powder of choice isn't Keep off Me!

If feeding Proflax for general health and wellbeing maintenance, you can give a powder on one day and oil the next, so rotate the two products daily, feeding at the recommended daily amount for each. As Proflax products are concentrated, they work well when fed in this manner.

Can I feed two Proflax oil products?

Yes! There are two options.

1. Feed half the recommended daily feeding amount of each of your chosen oils together or in different feeds on the same day.
2. Rotate the oils daily, feeding the daily recommended amount of one oil on one day and the other oil the next. As an example, an older nervous dog could have Golden Oldies on one day and then Calm & Collected the next day or half of each on the same day.

Don’t forget the 'Break' Period

If you are feeding one Proflax product on a consistent basis then we suggest having a 'break' period of 7 days every few months. In this short break period we recommend opting for a general health product from Proflax such as Immunity & Vitality, Omega Vital or Tummy Tastic. A break period isn’t necessary if you are feeding more than one Proflax product.

Should you have any questions regarding the above then please give us a call on 01626 240483 or email admin@proflax.co.uk

We do not recommend that you feed Proflax products to pregnant and nursing dogs or puppies (age of puppy varies depending on product type so please check your chosen product page for details). Proflax is considered safe to take alongside most prescribed medication, however, we do recommend that you consult your own vet with a list of herbal ingredients in your chosen formula to discuss this if you have any concerns or if you think that your dog may be allergic to any of the ingredients listed. This is particularly the case for Proflax oil and tincture products if your dog is taking blood thinners or blood sugar modulators or has a thyroid or gallstone problem.