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Proflax is labelled as a 'Superfood'. What are Superfoods?

Ingredients in our products are in the indexed superfood categories. Flaxseed oil is a listed superfood as are many of the herbs used in our blends. 

 Are Proflax products approved by a qualified vet?

Yes. All of our unique herbal formulas have been approved by independent UK conventional and holistic vets who specialise in herbal medicine. 

Why are fresh, natural products better for my dog?

Most commercial pet foods contain only small amounts of bioavailable nutrients, even those that are diet/breed specific. Most commercial dried foods have been through heating processes and so lose nutrients and vital essential fatty acids. They also contain lots of carbohydrates such as potatoes, peas, wheat, oats or rice which are high in starch and sugars, akin to refined foods that we eat. Feeding a fresh diet to your dog will support better health in your dog. Although labelled as a supplement, Proflax is a food additive that will support all aspects of your dogs health.

My dog is already taking omega 3 oil and/or herbal supplements. What makes Proflax products so different and why would I choose them instead?

Proflax products offer numerous health benefits, rather than just supporting one aspect of health, as most supplements do. This is achieved with the inclusion of Omega 3 & 6 rich cold pressed flax seed oil or Omega 3 rich fish oil plus different herbal tincture blends to support various aspects of health. To achieve the same level of health care would mean selecting oils and different herbs which can be confusing and costly. We take the headache out of working out which oils and herbs to mix and as our herbal blends have been formulated by a holistic vet, they have been created to be effective in supporting all aspects of health and wellbeing. Every bottle contains between 20-25% volume of the herbal formula. As our ingredients are highly concentrated they work quickly in supporting the health of your dog. We focus on the holistic approach where the herbs selected help to support the health of both body and mind, which is unique for any 'ready prepared' product. Proflax products also prove to be more cost effective than buying individual supplements of the same quality.

Why is adding 25% herbal blend in the oil products important?

To achieve a product that gives genuine therapeutic benefits, it is critical to include a significant percentage of the active ingredient in that product, rather than a negligible amount that wont have any real health benefits for your pet. All Proflax Oils contain a whopping 25% blend of concentrated herbal tincture blend which make them efficacious.

Is it safe to give Proflax to my dog who has an underlying health condition?

Your own vet will have a complete history of your dogs health and any underlying conditions. Although natural, herbs are powerful remedies that contain thousands of powerful bioactive compounds, so we would always suggest that you check with your vet before giving Proflax. They may ask for a list of the ingredients which can be found under the 'more information, ingredients and feeding guidelines' tab on each of the individual product pages.

Can oil-based products be given to a dog with pancreatitis? 

We would always suggest that you consult your own vet or qualified animal nutritionist if in doubt whether to feed Proflax natural supplements to a dog with pancreatitis. Our Tummy Tastic powder provides gut and pancreas support so is ideal to feed.

Is Proflax safe for pregnant or nursing dogs or puppies?

No. We do not recommend that you give our supplements to dogs who are pregnant or nursing or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old.

My dog is about to have an operation under anaesthetic. Can I continue feeding Proflax before and after the op? 

We suggest that you stop feeding Proflax for 5 days before an operation. We would also suggest discussing your dogs care plan with your vet who will be able to offer specific guidance regarding feeding pre and post op.

When can I expect to see health benefits?

As our ingredients are fresh, concentrated, active and in liquid form ready to add to food, they are absorbed immediately which means that the supportive health benefits can be seen in a matter of days in some dogs, but in others, it may take a little longer. However, from day 1 your dog will benefit from the specific support of your chosen product.

I just give flaxseed or fish oil to my dog.  What benefits do the addition of active herbal tincture blends give?

Herbs, especially those in tincture form, have some amazing health benefits. The bioactive compounds help with the assimilation of nutrients and will support good health and wellbeing. They also provide trace vitamins and minerals so are nutritionally beneficial.

Have the Proflax range been independently tested for assurance that they contain no additives or chemicals?

Yes. An independent DEFRA approved laboratory intermittently tests our formulas using strict protocols. They are tested to ensure that the essential fatty acids in our flaxseed oil remain rancid free and that the complete formulas are free from pesticides, bacteria (E. coli/salmonella), fungi or any other chemicals. This independent testing is ongoing in order to maintain our quality and service standards.

How do I use and store Proflax and how long will it last?

Proflax oils need to be stored in the fridge once opened, and once opened, it will remain fresh for 12 weeks. Use within the expiry date shown on the packaging. Powder formulas have a 12 month total shelf life and tinctures and superchews a 24 month total shelf life all of which need to be stored in a dry, cool, moisture free environment.

Can Proflax be fed to other animals?

We have created our products specifically for a dog or cats palate. If you would like to keep in contact, then please link us on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The recommendations on this site are offered as a guide to general health care for your dog and are not specifically diagnostic. Thus, it should never replace veterinary care where appropriate.

  • How to Feed

    Feed Proflax supplements according to product instructions on our website, ensuring suitability and consulting a vet if needed.

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  • Multi-Product Feeding

    Proflax powder and oil on the same day, following recommended amounts. Rotate products for best results.

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  • Breed Size Guide

    Proflax superfoods oils, powders and superchews suit all pet sizes and life stages. Check our full guide for product recommendations.

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  • Storage & Use By

    All Proflax products, whether oils, powders, tinctures or superchews, show batch and expiry date information on the packaging.

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  • Feeding FAQ

    Explore our feeding FAQs for more information. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist you.

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