Proflax Partners

We have partnered with some of the finest growers, suppliers and professionals in the UK to bring you the Proflax Natural superfood supplement range.

We use only traceable premium culinary grade flaxseed oil which is grown and cold pressed at a DEFRA approved and Red Tractor Assured British Farm in Horsham, Sussex. These official standards mean that the flaxseed oil used in Proflax Natural is 100% pesticide and chemical free.

The British based Farm who grow our herbs are cGMP licensed and have wide accreditation, certification and membership; National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), European Herb Growers Association (EHGA) and the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA). All of the herbs used in our products are premium food grade and have been freshly extracted in order to retain their active compounds, thus giving optimal health benefits. They are free from chemicals and have not undergone any drying, heating or synthetic processes. 

Last but not least, to ensure that all ingredients in our products are free from any type of contamination, an independent UK DEFRA approved laboratory undertake regular microbiological analysis testing in random batches. This ensures that our products are bacteria free. Rancidity tests are also carried out to ensure that optimal freshness is maintained and which gives each of our products an 18-month shelf life prior to opening. Our aim is to deliver you with a range of products that are of premium quality and are as effective and nutritious as possible. 

Proflax is a sustainable and ethical company who supports British businesses.

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