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About ProflaxProflax Natural hand produce their superfood supplement range for dogs in beautiful Devon. All our ingredients are 100% all-natural, fresh and of premium quality — grown in Britain by accredited and DEFRA approved farms. 

The Proflax Journey

My passion for holistic remedies and health supplements began many years ago, through working with health professionals and businesses as an independent consultant. However, my focus was on helping people rather than animals!

When my own healthy, bouncy boxer Lola started to become unwell, she would generally scratch and nibble at her skin. My desire to get her better set me on another path  the one of pet health. After numerous vet visits, tablets and tests, I realised that Lola's immunity had been compromised and that there appeared to be many factors that contributed to her poorly state. I also started to look at nutrition and what I was feeding Lola, reading the labels in pet foods more and more. Canine nutrition experts say that a dog's diet needs to be made up of several vital fresh components for them to maintain good long-term health. I realised that Lola's diet contained very few of these essential ingredients. Thus, I started to search for natural pet foods that contained all of these components and realised that there were very few readily available prepared foods that did so. To construct the perfect diet seemed quite a headache and cost... so my Proflax journey began!

In developing the Proflax Natural range it was important to include as many of the essential ingredients needed to reduce the headache and cost of putting together a complete and natural nutritious meal plan. Herbs and omega-3 essential fatty acids make up a good percentage of this meal plan which are the ingredients found in Proflax Natural. I wanted my ingredients to be as natural, fresh and pure as possible so decided on British grown cold-pressed flax oil and active herbal extracts, all premium human food grade quality. These ingredients offer vital nutrients and as such complete a healthy meal plan. However, I also wanted my active herbs to cleanse, detox, help a low immune system and also support various common problems, such as skin, coat, bones, joints, anxiety, and digestion (to name a few). Lola had taken tablets for so long I wanted to be sure that her system was flushed through to enable good health to prevail! 

I have been lucky enough to be able to work in conjunction with Bath-based holistic vet, Nick Thompson, in formulating the Proflax Natural herbal blends. In creating these unique formulas, we were able to address nutrition, detox, immunity and care and support of problem areas  all in one! I believe that Proflax Natural supplements are truly a superfood amongst supplements.

Samantha Swift - (sub!) Founder

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