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Proflax Natural hand produce their superfood supplement range for dogs in beautiful Devon. All of the ingredients are human food-grade, 100% natural, fresh and of premium quality, grown in Britain by accredited and DEFRA approved farms. These ingredients consist of active herbal extracts/tinctures and culinary grade cold-pressed flaxseed oil - and absolutely nothing else - no chemicals or pesticides.

The Journey

My passion for holistic health began many years ago through consulting for independent health professionals and businesses. My learning led me to understand that holistic (balanced) health and wellbeing consists of five core elements being physical (e.g nutrition), emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. When all five elements are in balance they support happiness and health on every level and I applied this philosophy to helping people.

When my own healthy, bouncy boxer Lola was about two she started to bite at her paws and scratch at almost every part of her body. She made her skin so sore she bled on occasions. I proceeded down the standard vet route to reduce her immediate discomfort but this was generally short-lived as the same cycle resumed time and again.

It became my aim to find and understand the underlying root cause of Lola’s skin issues and subsequent behaviour. I looked at what I fed her, how she interacted with other dogs and people, whether she was mentally stimulated and generally how 'happy' she was. She had been with me since a pup and I was curious as to why the issues started what seemed like out of nowhere.

After some time and ticking off many of the points I realised that (apart from being totally spoilt!) Lola was very happy most times and was always stimulated. In her case, it appeared that her most challenging times came about when she had been on certain walks and when she ate particular foods, such as sugary root vegetables, certain meats and fruits. It appeared that Lola was sensitive to specific environments and foods and her body's immune system was overreacting causing the biting and chewing issues. This, in turn, created emotional stress making her feel grumpy and not very sociable! All in all, it was easy to see how a physical dysfunction could cause an emotional and social imbalance too which meant that she was not in a healthy, happy state. After reading various articles it appeared that Lola was not alone in that her issues started later in life, as her system had been under continued pressure for a while and was struggling to cope.

It was from this time that I was careful about where I walked Lola to reduce the environmental stressors but mainly I was more concerned about what she ate and what additives or preservatives were present in the dry food that I fed her daily.

Canine nutrition experts say that a dog's diet needs to be made up of ingredients that include essential nutrients for them to maintain optimal long-term health and I realised that Lola's current diet contained very few of these required nutrients. So my search began for natural pet foods that contained ingredients that were nutritionally beneficial and also free from various triggers that could exacerbate her sensitivities. There were many food options to choose from being dry, wet and raw complete foods. Competing firms and contradictory information on the web made it difficult to make a clear informed choice on which pet food to choose. My main aim was to find a food supplement that would not only assist nutritionally but also help holistically.

The issues in my situation were specific to Lola and her sensitivities. Every dog is unique and will experience different issues not just due to a holistic imbalance but also due to breed type, age and history. Some dogs may be more prone to joint issues while some will be especially nervous due to being re-homed or badly treated in the past.

At this point, I realised that a product range for dogs that could underpin their general good health alongside supporting specific issues AND be holistic in nature would be marvellous.

Proflax Natural was born!

A renowned holistic vet assists in formulating the unique herbal blends that go into all four products to work in total synergy (in harmony) and to help balance the required elements to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Only medicinal grade, active herbal tinctures of a premium strength are used in all Proflax Natural products for maximum efficacy.

The four individual Proflax Natural products available have been carefully selected to support specific common issues that dogs face; Skin & Coat, Immunity & Vitality, Bone & Joint, and Calm & Collected (for those anxious fur babies!). Alongside supporting these issues, due to the amazing health benefits of omega 3 rich flaxseed oil all Proflax products will help to maintain the health of your dog’s heart, circulation, joints, skin, digestion and regulate metabolism & hormone function.

In summary, Proflax Natural products are natural, powerful, safe and provide a ready-made, cost-effective solution to support your dog’s long term health and wellbeing.

Founder - Samantha Swift & the lovely (now not so itchy) Lola

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