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Dive into a world of holistic pet care with Proflax's comprehensive range of supplements. From powders like Tummy Tastic and Bottoms Up, to oils including Omega Vital and Puppy Power, treats like Superchews, and tinctures such as Keep Off Me Pure – we've got everything for Bone & Joint, Calming, Skin & Coat, and more. Elevate your pet's well-being with our vet-approved, natural solutions.

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  • 7+ Years

    We set out with a mission in 2016 to be the leading provider of herbal and holistic pet supplements. 7 years on and we are proud to say we delivered on our goal. But, we won't stop here. There are too many cats and dogs out there who are in need of some Proflax loving!

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    At Proflax we are dedicated to reaching as many customers and retailers as possible. With this in mind we now have an established and dedicated distributor based in France who are committed to servicing all EU countries. Their partnership with Proflax allows for a seamless, tax and duty free transaction for all EU customers. If you are located in the EU and would like to purchase Proflax Products, please click the link below.

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    We pride ourselves on being in over 250 independent stores nationwide. Use our navigation menu above to find your nearest Proflax certified stockist.

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    Check out our incredible verified reviews via the navigation menu. We also boast a score of Excellent on Trustpilot due to over consistency in ingredient quality and commitment to customer service.

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Happy Cat, Happy Home.

We're widely recognised as the leading provider in all natural dog supplements. But, few know we also make a supplement for cats and it's incredible too!

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  • a staffordshire terrior dog


    “We regularly use Puppy Power, Tummy Tastic and Bottoms Up for Odyn to cover most of his needs while he continues to develop and grow. Following some reoccurring anal gland issues we started adding Bottoms Up to his dinner when needed and noticed the difference straight away with no more vet trips for his glands.”

  • a dog on his lead


    “The Skin & Coat Oil has made Max’s fur soft and silky and his curls are so much easier to manage. Finally, and yes it’s the poop talk part, the Tummy Tastic powder has improved max’s poops so much, no more loose poops and much more regular and healthier toilet trips.”

  • A dalmatian dog’s face


    “After having bladder problems on and off for the past 2 years I was recommended to look at Proflax. Henry had his drizzled over his breakfast every morning and I honestly think he enjoyed the taste of it. I'm really happy with the results we're seeing so far.”

  • A happy dog smiling at the camera


    “We started Tarik on the Skin, Gut & Immunity Chews as his red coat gets so dull and dry! We absolutely love the Superchews as they can be given like a treats but a major body boost! Tariks coat looks fab and to have the added immunity and gut benefit with his allergies makes it a huge win for him!”

  • A dog with it's tongue out


    “What a difference it has made! The proflax superfood treats are so handy to show them, they ensure Ava has the extra support/boost to keep her fit & healthy throughout the day.”

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We fill our bottles and top up our tubs with the highest quality ingredients on the planet. Our supplements are formulated by veterinary professionals.

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