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"My old girl has been showing definite signs of improvement in her mobility over the last month, so much so, that I have bought more of the Bone and Joint treatment for her. Her tummy has been amazing since starting the B&J with only a couple of relapses, but that was probably due to eating something she shouldn't have! She seems much brighter and happier too - so all in all - huge 'thumbs up!'"



Bone and Joint 500ml:

"We have a lovely 9-year-old Rottie who developed a bit of lameness in her front leg, so I took her to the vets just to get them to double checked. It wasn't anything major and was told it was arthritis due to her age and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.

This wasn't for a week or a month. They said she will be on this for the rest of her life and personally, for me, I do not want my best friend taking tablets. I spotted your product some time ago in my local raw food shop in Norwich and thought I would give it a go.

After a week she was still on her tablets but your bottle arrived and I started to give it to her, after a week she got this little twinkle in her eye and she started to become bouncy again but still limping a bit.

We are now week 3 and I have stopped her tablets completely, I think this supplement has not only helped with her arthritis but also worked wonders on her coat and even her wellbeing as she has a sparkle I haven't seen for a while. Thank you."



Bone and Joint 1L:

"My 11-year-old giant schnauzer is the best he has been since being on the Bone and Joint superfood supplement. He is running around like a 2-year-old, I would highly recommend this product."



"Tula has been taking wellbeing for a few weeks after switching from skin and coat to help with any emotional imbalance. She has recovered well from having a tooth out and cleaning of teeth. Her coat is softer and scratching less and seems more contented and coping extremely well in these high humid temperatures. I will keep Tula on this lovely oil as I only have to give her one thing a day instead of lots of different herbal tablets and tinctures she was having before. Thank you again."



Skin and Coat 500ml:

"Lovely smelling supplement which my dogs accepted happily. My girl's coat had started to look better after a week or so, no scurf and her hot spot has eased right off. Very good product. Although having two large breeds it doesn’t last that long."



Skin and Coat 1L:

"I’ve been using this for a few years now and it makes the dog's coats so shiny and soft. Clears up any sore slim fast too. Highly recommended."



Immunity & Vitality 250ml:

"My chihuahua recently showed high liver enzymes on a blood test. Concerned she was getting liver damage, I put her on the wellbeing and vitality supplement because it includes milk thistle. 

Four days later she had a follow-up blood test which showed an improvement already. Then a week later, her blood levels were perfect and had returned to normal. The vet was really positive that there had been such a fast improvement — the liver does heal itself as best it can but her results went from 783 down to 46!

I also noticed that both my chihuahuas have brighter eyes and the whites are whiter. I believe in the power of Tumeric and the ingredients in all these products are fantastic.

Thank you Proflax."



Immunity and Vitality 500ml:

"Last summer, my border collie developed scaly, dry dandruff skin and scratched continuously. Fleas were ruled out and seasonal allergy suggested. Nothing I tried worked. I bought Proflax and within maybe three weeks, her skin was clear and the scratching stopped. Her coat shone and everyone commented on how well she looked. I am continuing to give her it daily and her skin and coat remain in good clean condition with no scratching. So I would recommend anyone who has a similar problem to try it."



Photo: Bea who's on Skin & Coat

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