Nourishing Your Pet Naturally

Discover Our Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients for Every Proflax Product Line

At Proflax, nestled in the heart of Devon, we're all about giving your pets the very best. Since 2017, our tight-knit crew has been handpicking top-notch ingredients, focusing on quality and sustainability every step of the way. From oils to herbs, we only choose the finest human-grade stuff, sourced from ethical suppliers who share our values. Crafted with care right here on-site, our products are all about giving your furry friends the health boost they deserve. We're not just about supplements; we're about pet well-being, pure and simple.

Discover our carefully chosen ingredients for each Proflax product line below and give your pet the goodness they deserve!

 100% natural pourable oils

Flax Oil Pet Supplement Range

Our Flax Oil Pet Supplement Range: A blend of 75% cold-pressed culinary grade flaxseed oil and 25% herbal tincture formula. It's a special mix designed to support your pet's wellness naturally. We've carefully selected each ingredient to pack in essential nutrients from flaxseed oil and the goodness of herbal extracts. It's all about giving your furry friends the best for their health and happiness.

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Omega Fish Oil Supplements

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids with Proflax's Omega Fish Oil Supplements for dogs and cats. Our premium blend combines 75% natural cold-pressed fish oil with 25% herbal extracts, ensuring a potent source of essential nutrients. From supporting joint health to enhancing skin and coat condition, our omega range promotes overall vitality naturally.

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ready-to-feed herbal powders

Proflax Powders

Our herbal powders are made from natural herbs, carefully selected for their potent medicinal properties. These herbs are expertly blended in-house to ensure maximum efficacy and safety for your beloved pet. Additionally, we incorporate probiotics into our formulas to support healthy digestion and promote a balanced gut microbiome. Natural clays are also included in some formulations to aid in detoxification and promote overall wellness.

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Proflax's Herbal Tincture

Tincture Ingredients

Proflax Keep Off Me! tincture, crafted in small batches by our dedicated team in our Devon warehouse, features 100% natural ingredients like Neem, Fenugreek, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Seaweed (Fucus Ves). Free from additives, it naturally repels pests, aids digestion, boosts immunity, and supports skin health, offering a safe alternative to toxic chemicals.

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Natural Herbal Treats & chews

Superchews Ingredients

Proflax Calming Superchews are made without heating, preserving the fresh, natural state of ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Each chew contains Proflax Flaxseed Oil and additional active natural ingredients like Valerian and Withania for calming benefits. These tasty treats offer immediate support and can be given alone or with other Proflax products for enhanced results. Common ingredients include Proflax Flaxseed Oil, Valerian, Withania, and other natural additives chosen for their specific benefits.

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