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Nurturing Wellness

Proflax produce their superfood supplement range for dogs & cats in beautiful Devon. The ingredients in our oil based products are human food-grade, British produced, 100% natural and of premium quality. All fresh ingredients are ethically sourced and fully traceable.

We have over two dozen products over 4 different ranges. Our oil based products consist of 25% concentrated herbal tincture blends and either 75% cold pressed flaxseed oil or a white fish oil blend. Powder products are Tummy Tastic, Bottoms Up, Mega Mobility, Plaque Patrol and Keep off Me, the latter being also available as a 100% pure tincture. We launched our superchews in 2023, which are fortified with Proflax oils and air dried to retain all the goodness of the ingredients. All products in the 4 ranges are completely natural and don’t contact any nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives. 

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  • Sam / Founder

    I’m Sam, the creator of all things Proflax! Natural health and wellbeing is my passion, and to be able to do a job I love everyday by helping so many animals stay healthy and well is truly amazing. I love creating new products to bring to market with the assistance of some of the best UK holistic vets and since the launch of Proflax in 2017, we now have 22 products over four product ranges, with expansion set to continue over the coming months and years.

  • Lola & Luna

    Lola is a 9 year old boxer and the inspiration behind Proflax superfood supplements. She suffered with an illness as a puppy resulting in severe food and environmental allergies and creating a completely natural product to support her condition was a priority. Luna is the newest addition to the Proflax clan. She is a three month old British Bulldog and is a stubborn little princess who thinks she’s the boss… Lola knows different!

The Journey

Hi, my name is Sam. My passion for holistic health began many years ago through consulting for independent health professionals and my learning led me to understand that holistic (balanced) health and wellbeing consists of five core elements being physical (i.e.nutrition), emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. Balancing the five elements creates complete wellness.

When my own healthy, bouncy boxer Lola was about two she started to bite at her paws and scratch at almost every part of her body. She became irritable and restless. I proceeded down the standard vet route for help but the same cycle resumed time and again.

It became my aim to find and understand the underlying root cause of Lola’s biting, scratching and restlessness. I looked at what I fed her, where I walked her how she interacted with other dogs and people and whether she was physically and mentally stimulated. She had been with me since a pup and I was curious as to why things had now changed.

After some time and ticking off possible triggers I realised that Lola's sensitivities were more acute when she had been on grass walks and ate certain foods. These sensitivities caused not just physical symptoms but had an effect on her emotional state too, which affected her socially as she wouldn't engage with other dogs and when she did she was snappy. Straight away almost all of the elements for health and wellness were out of balance. 

From this point I was careful about where I walked Lola to avoid environmental triggers. However, achieving a balanced diet without additives or preservatives seemed more of a challenge.

Canine nutrition experts say that a dog's diet needs to be made up of ingredients that include essential nutrients for them to maintain optimal long-term health. I realised that Lola's current diet contained very few of these required nutrients such as proteins and essential fatty acids. So my search began for natural pet foods that contained ingredients that were nutritionally beneficial and also free from additives and preservatives. There were many food options to choose from being dry, tinned and raw foods. Competing firms and contradictory information made it difficult to make a clear informed choice on which food to choose. In addition, I wanted to find a food or supplement that would not only assist nutritionally but also work holistically, so help promote balanced health and wellbeing.

I quickly realised that food alone wasn’t sufficient enough to maintain complete balanced wellness. Foods today don’t contain the same level of vitamins or minerals as they did decades ago, due to soil depletion and environmental factors. Most foods have also been through some sort of processing, which means that they have lost a percentage of their nutritional value.

Plus, every dog is different, and as such require different levels of physical and/or emotional support throughout their lives. This can be due to breed type, lifestyle, age and history. For example, some breeds may be more prone to joint stiffness, while others may have skin, kidney or heart problems. Puppies have different needs to elderly dogs!

The best way of obtaining vital vitamins and minerals is to add them fresh to the diet. Unprocessed, concentrated and premium ingredients plug the nutritional gap that your dog or cat needs which is the philosophy behind Proflax supplements

We have some amazing holistic vets who assist in formulating the unique herbal blends that go into all Proflax products, providing the very best level of health and wellbeing support, both physically and emotionally.  Only concentrated, human grade herbal tinctures of practitioner quality are used in all of our oil based products, which means that they work quickly and offer health benefits very quickly. 

All Proflax products have been carefully selected to support every aspect of health. In 2021 we introduced our Omega 3 range which contain 75% white fish oil plus 25% herbal tincture blends plus launched our first cat supplement, Feline Fine. We are continually developing our range to meet the demands of our customers and have some exciting products lined up for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

The Proflax range continues to thrive and develop in order to provide a ready made range of products that really do make a huge difference to your dog or cats health and wellbeing.

Founder - Samantha Swift & the lovely (now not so itchy) Lola