Hope & Muse - April's Dog of the Month winners - Proflax

Hope & Muse - April's Dog of the Month winners

Kate, Hope & Muse's paw parent, has this to say about her beautiful duo;

Hope and Muse are both working cockers spaniels and train in agility, gundog & scent work for fun. They are both fed a natural wholesome diet.

Muse loves to run and has to do everything at top speed, he’s a complete loon with the biggest heart. Hope adores learning new tricks and skills but is the laziest spaniel alive and will sleep all day given the chance!

Muse enjoys Proflax Calm and Collected which I’ve seen great results from, plus he loves the taste. They both have Tummy Tastic on their meals because I was finding that after training and using high value treats, we could have poorly tummies periodically. Since using Tummy Tastic we have no issues at all.

For our prize, we would love to try the Bone and Joint oil to support them with all their agility and gundog training.

We would also like to donate our second bottle of Calm & Collected to Sian, our agility dog trainer, who has become a great friend.

You can follow Hope & Muse on Instagram; @opposite_spaniels

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