November - Dog of the Month - Proflax

November - Dog of the Month

A huge congratulations to Broc who is November's Dog of the Month - welcome to the hall of fame buddy! Seems like our supplements have been keeping this athletic pooch fit and strong, whatever the weather. Just look at him.
Broc is a very active canine and a regular user of our Wellbeing and Vitality bottle. His owner, Laura, has been very kind and provided us with a statement about what the supplement has done for him.
"Broc, my Australian shepherd is on your Wellbeing & vitality. He enjoys the taste, especially on his raw diet every morning. I’ve found that since he has been on this supplement, his coat has become thicker and looks even richer in colour. Also, it looks amazingly healthy. Giving him Wellbeing & Vitality has helped with his reactivity too!"
Thank you to Laura for sharing this! We also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their dogs! We may contact you and ask if we can use your images for our social media in the near future.
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