July - Dog of the Month - Proflax

July - Dog of the Month

July's Dog of the Month

Give it up for Mouse, the winner of July's 'Dog of the Month' contest! Emily, Mouse's best friend, would like to share a few words with us:

"We use both the 'Skin and Coat' and 'Bone and Joint' supplement. Mouse is a show and sports dog, so her coat has been kept in beautiful condition, no itchiness, nice and shiny and full. It's like something out of a L'Oréal advert! 

She's also a sports dog so she does agility and bikejor — the joint supplement helps keep her young joints protected from high impact and is used as much as a preventative as a general care. Thank you so much for selecting her"

Thank you, Emily, for submitting this gorgeous photo of her!

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