The Proflax Omega Range - Coming Soon!

Proflax have created a small range of fish oil based superfood supplements, to either be used alone or alongside our flaxseed oil based products, to keep your dog in the very best of health.

Our Omega range encompass the same principles as our core flaxseed range, which is to offer high quality, natural, holistic and effective products which will support specific areas of health and wellbeing.

The range has been created for those wanting to feed a fish oil or omega 3 only product, or for those wanting to rebalance the higher levels of omega 6 that can be found in some dog foods, especially commercial dog food. It has also been designed for those wanting to rotate fish and plant oils, which possess both omega 3 & 6 in the form of DHA, EPA, ALA & LA which are all beneficial in supporting your dogs optimal health and wellness.

Our personal recommendation and that of our holistic vet is to rotate both types of oil daily as the combination of the two will help to maintain the good health of your dogs heart, eyes, brain, nervous system, digestion, skin, coat, bones & joints.