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Abee Wilkinson

My name is Abee Wilkinson. I’m 27 years old and have been doing agility since I was 11. Agility has been a huge part of my life and I absolutely love it. I’ve made some amazing friends and it keeps the dogs fit and healthy. I now compete the dogs and help my family run a business at the agility shows.

My Dogs: Smash, Bowser, Dash, Bee and Noodle

Smash is a 7-year-old border collie. She absolutely loves agility but although never got very far in it. She was retired from the sport last year as she has no self-control to slow down for obstacles and was injuring herself. She was the initial reason I looked at Proflax Natural. 

Bowser is a 5-year-old border collie. He started his agility career but unfortunately developed an injury in his shoulder. Although he is fit now he will never compete at full height or competition level. He just enjoys running at any size with his dad.

Dash is a 5-year-old cross breed. He is a rescue dog that I got around the same time as Bowser. He enjoys agility although can be very loud and stubborn.

Noodle is a 7-year-old Boston terrier that my husband runs. She is currently in grade 5. A lot of people thought she wouldn’t compete or do agility cause she has a very short nose. Noodle loves the sport and she is fantastic to watch. She has competed at Crufts in the YKC ring and enjoyed the crowd cheering her on.

Bee is a 2-year-old working cocker spaniel that is just starting out in her agility career. She is currently competing at any size to build her confidence within the ring. At the kennel club international agility festival later this year she will be competing at competition level.

These are my fur babies, but through my years of doing agility, I have run all sorts of dogs and have competed at Crufts 3 times. 

I choose Proflax because I was looking for something that will help the older dogs with their joints, but also keep the younger dogs joints supple and ready to work. I have struggled to find anything on the market that could be used for both. As we spend a lot of our time on the road going to shows I needed something that wouldn’t get messy and was easy to use. Since I have used Proflax the improvement in all my dogs has been amazing. My older dogs are more supple and able and enjoying walks pain-free. My younger dogs are ready to work and I know they are well protected with Proflax Natural. Their coats are so soft beautifully sleek and shiny, my crossbreed Dash struggles with his coat, can be quite sensitive with food and supplements, but he is looking gorgeous. I can’t recommend this product enough. It has been brilliant for my babies and I can’t wait to test it through the thick of the agility season.

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