Senior Dogs with Cognitive Dysfunction & the Power of Bacopa

Senior Dogs with Cognitive Dysfunction & the Power of Bacopa

As our dogs age, it becomes crucial to prioritise their overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Proflax understand the unique needs of the older dog and Proflax Golden Oldies is a game changer in supporting their cognitive health thanks to one of its key herbal ingredients, Bacopa. This blog is designed to give information about cognitive dysfunction, causes, symptoms and how Golden Oldies is an excellent supplement to support an older dog’s cognitive health.

Cognitive dysfunction is a common age-related condition in dogs that affects the brain, causing deterioration similar to Dementia/Alzheimer’s in humans. Dogs may start to be affected from around nine years old and may be overlooked since the behavioural changes progress slowly and owners may assume that they are a normal part of ageing.

Cells called neurons play a key role in the brain by transmitting essential information throughout the body, helping regulate mental and physical interactions. But when dogs start to age, the cells in their brain, including neurons, start to waste away.  

One of the degenerative changes that occurs is the build-up of a harmful protein called beta-amyloid, which creates toxic conditions for neurons. As the neurons stop functioning properly or die off, the brain loses its capacity for processing information and this breakdown of internal communication leads to the physical and behavioural changes that can be clearly seen.  

Signs of cognitive dysfunction may start as one sign and progress over time, or have several. apparent signs. The most common signs are: 

  • Disorientation — Getting lost in familiar places, stuck in corners, staring into space. 
  • Interaction changes — Suddenly clingy or avoidant, not recognising familiar people. 
  • Sleep pattern changes — Wandering the house at night, sleeping more during the day.  
  • House soiling — Urinating or defecating indoors when they were previously house trained. 
  • Activity level changes — Decreased interest in playing or doing other activities, restlessness, pacing 
  • Anxiety — Increased anxiety, new phobias, irritability, aggression 
  • Learning changes — No longer responding to previously known commands or struggling to learn new ones. 

If your older dog is displaying any of the above symptoms associated with cognitive dysfunction, it is important for them to remain happy, comfortable, and as safe as possible. Minimise changes to reduce confusion and anxiety and keep to a routine, which can be from providing a safe,

regular area to sleep and eat to taking walks to their favourite places, allowing them to take their time to sniff and investigate to promote brain activity. Enrichment toys can also be helpful too.

Diet and supplementation are important factors in brain health, especially for older dogs, and a diet rich in Omega-3 is vital. Proflax Golden Oldies contains 60% Omega-3 so is rich in this

amazing essential fatty acid, which helps to ‘lubricate’ the whole body, akin to oiling a car! Omega-3 keeps inflammation at bay, helps with cellular regeneration, the absorption of nutrients and modulates hormones and metabolism. Pretty amazing, eh?

Bacopa and Cognitive Function

Bacopa is an amazing adaptogenic herb recognised for its brain enhancing properties. It plays a pivotal role in Golden Oldies, supporting mental clarity and cognitive function. Scientific studies have shown that Bacopa promotes neuronal communication and protects against oxidative stress, both essential factors in maintaining a sharp mind as your dog gracefully ages.

Golden Oldies - The Ultimate in Senior Support

What sets Golden Oldies apart is its thoughtfully crafted herbal tincture blend which makes up 25% of every bottle and is specifically created for senior dogs. In addition to Bacopa, this

fabulous herbal blend includes Ganoderma for gut health, Boswellia for supporting arthritic type conditions, Hawthorn for heart support, Dandelion for detoxification, Withania for natural pain relief and Liquorice root to boost the immune system and modulate stress. Ingredients are 100% natural with no nasty additives of bulking agents.

Golden Oldies inclusion of Omega-3

Golden Oldies contains 75% cold pressed flaxseed oil, rich in that all important Omega-3. As

discussed earlier in this blog, Omega-3 is essential for brain health, plus it also supports your dog’s skin, coat, joints, digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems, making it an invaluable addition to your senior dog's diet.

By coupling the wonderful select blend of active herbs and Omega 3 rich flaxseed oil, your senior dog will be getting an unrivalled level of support for their physical health and emotional wellbeing.

What makes Golden Oldies the Ultimate superfood supplement for the older dog?

Proflax superfood supplements are unrivalled in their effectiveness, owing to the concentration and quality of the ingredients used. They offer so much more than other supplements which contain either single herbs or just Omega 3 oils alone.

Proflax are renowned for their comprehensive 3 tier approach!

  1. Oils to support general health with the inclusion of essential fatty acids, rich Omega-3.
  2. Unique carefully selected herbal blends to support specific areas of concern.
  3. Holistic principles - balance and heal from the inside out, addressing your dog’s physical and emotional health & wellbeing.

Proflax have done all of the hard work by blending these amazing superfood ingredients, so there’s no need to buy separate oils and herbs to achieve the same result, making Proflax supplements a natural and cost effective solution.

In the journey of caring for our senior dogs, prioritising cognitive function is just as important as supporting all other aspects of their health. Proflax's Golden Oldies, with the cognitive boosting power of Bacopa, ensures that your dog enjoys their golden years with vitality and mental clarity. Trust in Proflax to provide a comprehensive level of support that your dog needs and deserves.

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