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Guest Writer – Phil Arnold: What is an Adaptogen?

Welcome to part two of our 'Proflax Natural Superfood' series. Today, Naturally Healthy Dogs have written a post which examines the use of Adaptogens.

Here is an extract from the blog entry:

"Adaptogens are modulators, which means that if something is too high, the adaptogen will lower it whereas if that same thing is too low, the same adaptogen will raise it, modulating the body’s response to stress.
The 20-25% formulation in all three of Proflax's Products contain Adaptogenic Herbs in their active state, meaning that the Whole Plant effect is retained even after processing and mixing with the Flaxseed base Oil.
Specially formulated with the assistance of Holistic Vets and Herbalists, their Products will carry many (if not all) of the above-listed benefits of Adaptogenic Herbs."
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