Feeding FAQ

Q:      My dog is really fussy? How will I know if he will like Proflax?

A:      98% of dogs do! Flaxseed oil has a nutty flavour and one of the herbs that we include - liquorice - has a very sweet taste so this combination offers great palatability. 

Q:      Can any of the herbal ingredients that are listed in the blends be harmful to my dog? 

A:     Caution should be taken if your dog is taking blood thinners or modulators or is pregnant or nursing.  Some of our formulas aren't recommended if your dog is taking certain medication. Each product page under the 'Ingredients & Suitability' section will give this information where applicable. If you are at all concerned about giving Proflax then please ask your own vet for advice, giving them the full list of the herbal ingredients from your chosen formula. 

Q:      Can I feed Proflax together with other supplements that my dog is taking?

A:      If your dog is taking another herbal based supplements that contains the same ingredients as your chosen Proflax formula then we do not suggest feeding them all on the same day. If you are feeding herbs that differ to your chosen Proflax formula then we suggest feeding them at a different time of day, i.e. in your dogs second meal of the day. If your other chosen supplements are not herbal they should be completely safe to be fed together. However, if you are unsure then please give us a call or ask your own vet for advice. 

Q:      Can I feed more than one Proflax product on the same day?

A:      Yes. You can feed your choice of Proflax oil with any of the powder or tincture products on the same day - just feed in different meals at opposite ends of the day. If you would like to feed two Proflax oils on the same day we suggesting feeding half of the recommended daily amount of each of the oils. Alternatively, you can feed the full recommended daily amount of each of your chosen oils on alternate days, so one oil on one day and the other the next. (It is not advisable to give the full recommended daily amount of two oils on the same day due to the concentration of the herbs, plus the overlap of support herbs in some of our formulas. 

Q:      Can Proflax be taken alongside prescribed medication?

A:       We always suggest that you check with your vet before giving Proflax if your dog is taking any type of prescribed medication. This is because on occasions, herbs can affect the absorption of certain drugs, so it may mean giving your dog Proflax at different times of the day (which is our recommended approach). There are also occasions where medication can change blood pressure or have an affect on the central nervous system or organs so it is imperative that your vet approves your chosen formula taking into account your dogs specific medication. Veterinary professionals will know all contraindications to the medications that they are prescribing.

Q:        Can I feed Proflax even if my dog doesn't have a condition or ailment?

A:         Absolutely! We advocate a preventative approach to healthcare for your pet. Feed a product according to your dogs breed, lifestyle and life stage.