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Proflax Senior Wellness Bundle for Dogs

Proflax Senior Wellness Bundle for Dogs

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£51.95 GBP
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  • Proud To Be British & Vet Approved
  • 100% Natural & Packed with Nutrients
  • Easy Feed Supplements & Fast Acting
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These three products normally retail for £57.85 - buy as a bundle for £51.95 which is a saving of 10%

As we age we require additional support of our bones, joints, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, digestive, nervous & immune systems, and this is no different for our dogs.

Inflammation can increase due to physical imbalances which can cause pain and emotional discord. Depending on your dogs breed, they can fall into the senior category from the age of 6 years old.

Keeping the whole physical and emotional body healthy is vital to avoid ongoing ailments and costly vet bills. Key factors of old age is mulsculoskeletal (bone & joint) deterioration, a declining immune system - which if not properly supported can affect gut health with subsequent consequences such as poor absorption of nutrients, metobolism dysfuntion (weight gain!). Pain from inflammation can also start to creep in.

Proflax Senior Wellness Bundle contains 250ml Golden Oldies Oil which is an amazing anti-inflammatory blend that helps to keep all organs and systems healthy plus includes herbs that provide natural and gentle pain relief. It is also packed with nutrients which help to support a healthy metabolism. The bundle also contains 350g Tummy Tastic which is a power packed pre and probiotic powder that will keep your dogs gut and immune system strong and healthy. The 'boost' product in this pack is 100ml Omega Bounce, our fish based oil that will further help to keep bones, joints, ligaments and circulation in great shape. This product is designed to be used on days where your dog has had more exercise or is struggling more than usual.

In this Bundle is 1 x 250ml Golden Oldies oil (flax based), 1 x 100ml Omega Bounce oil (fish based) and 1 x 350g Tummy Tastic (powder).


Senior Wellness Bundle Suitability:

Ideal for all adult dogs. Suitable for all breeds.

Not recommended for pregnant/nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old. Not to be used if your dog is known to be allergic/reactive to any of the ingredients listed or if your dog is taking blood thinning medication (anticoagulants) /blood modulators. For dogs pre-operation stop feeding any oil based product 5 days prior to anaesthetic. Please check with your own vet first if your dog is taking any medication as herbs can sometimes affect the absorption of certain drugs.

Feeding Guidelines:

We recommend that you feed Golden Oldies Oil and Tummy Tastic in daily rotation, so one product on one day and the other the next. Use Omega Bounce Oil as and when required, after extra exercise or when more bone/joint support is needed.
When used as directed, this bundle will last a 25kg dog 6 weeks, with some oil remaining which can be used in daily rotation until finished.

Store in the fridge once opened and in a cool, dark place prior to opening. Every bottle lasts 8-12 weeks when stored in the fridge after opening. Batch and expiry date are shown on every bottle and shelf life is a total of 18 months.

More information on feeding and storage can be found here 

Customer Reviews

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Gillian de Felice
Senior supplement bundle

Really good value for money. So far so good with my dog.

New Life

My dog is nearing ten years old and comes from a sporting background. He has been starting to show signs of age for a while now though since on the Senior Wellness Bundle he is like a new dog. Even his eyes seem to have that sparkle again. It is great to see and piece of mind knowing this is helping my dog. He is able to run around like a pup with no issues. I would recommend this product.

This is so wonderful to hear. The combination of the three products in the wellness bundle really do make a huge difference to energy and adding extra sparkle! Thanks for taking the time to review Sam