Allergies in Dogs: The Proflax Solution

Allergies in Dogs: The Proflax Solution

Allergies in dogs are now becoming more prevalent. This blog is designed to give information about allergy types, causes, symptoms and adopting the natural and holistic approach to supporting allergies with Proflax.

Excessive scratching, digestive issues, skin irritations/hot spots, paw licking or ear infections are common signs of allergies in dogs, which can be triggered from either food or the environment. Some symptoms overlap, which can make it difficult to ascertain whether the allergy is from food, the environment, or both. A common factor with all allergy types is a dysfunctional immune system, and a severely corrupt immune system may result in both types of allergies being present.

Food allergies: Unravelling the culprits

Food allergies in dogs occur when their immune system reacts adversely to certain ingredients in their diet. Common food allergens include beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, soy and corn. Unlike food intolerances, which result from an inability to digest certain foods, food allergies involve an immune response that triggers inflammation and other symptoms.

Symptoms of food allergies

  • Skin issues: Itchy skin, rashes, redness, hot spots, ear infections.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: Sickness, diarrhoea, colic, wind.
  • Yeast conditions: Ear infections, scooting, blackened skin, head shaking, chin rubbing, paw chewing

Environmental allergies: Battling the elements

Environmental allergies, also known as atopic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis, result from your dog's immune system reacting to substances in their surroundings, such as pollen, dust mites, mould, household chemicals, toxins. These allergens can be seasonal or year-round, depending on their source and your dog's sensitivity.

Symptoms of environmental allergies.

  • Skin Irritations: itchy, red or inflamed skin on areas like the paws, underbelly or ears.
  • Runny eyes or ear infections.
  • Excessive scratching, licking or chewing skin in an attempt to alleviate the
  • Secondary skin infections from continual scratching
  • Digestive upset due to emotional dysfunction from excessive scratching and discomfort

Allergies are a result of your dogs immune system reacting to either food or allergens entering their body, so strengthening your dogs immune system is critical in helping combat allergies. Let’s not forget that your dog houses 70-80% of their immune system in their gut, so it makes sense to look after their digestive and immune systems together. It can be difficult to resolve allergies once they have taken hold, especially food allergies that have progressed to yeast infections. We would always recommend supporting your dogs immune and digestive systems, even when there isn’t a cause for concern that allergies are present, to avoid future allergy type problems.

The Proflax Solution to Allergies

While conventional dog allergy treatments focus on managing symptoms, Proflax holistic supplements tackle the root cause. Formulated with premium, natural, concentrated ingredients to strengthen your dog's immune & digestive systems, cleanse toxins, reduce inflammation, plus support their general health.

Proflax oil blends contain high levels of omega-3 and functional herbs which are anti-inflammatory and help to reduce scratching and itching, sooth irritated skin and alleviate any associated discomfort. All oil blends contain cleansing herbs, vital for flushing toxins from the Liver and lymphatic system. Different Proflax oils support different allergy types, with Immunity & Vitality and Liver Love being perfect products for food/yeast allergies and Skin & Coat and Liver Love being beneficial for environmental allergies.

Alongside of Proflax oils we recommend Proflax Tummy Tastic, a fabulous pre & probiotic which will balance your dogs digestive and immune systems and is essential whether the allergy is food or environmental. The inclusion of mineral clays and healing herbs in this powder blend work quickly and provide an optimal level of support, combating allergies quickly.

Proflax have taken all of the hard work out of choosing which supplements vs which allergy. Mini bundles are now available for just £21.95 which contain our recommended products, outlined below;

Environmental Allergies - Mini Allergy Bundle contains 1 x 125g Tummy Tastic & 1 x 100ml Skin & Coat

Food Allergies - Mini Yeast Bundle contains 1 x 125g Tummy Tastic & 1 x 100ml Liver Love

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