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Three Terrific Facts About Your Dog

1. They Can Understand Human Speech

Research suggests that dogs possess the extraordinary ability to understand human speech. In fact, when scientists performed an MRI scan, they found that canines processed language in a similar way to humans. Thus, like human brains, the right hemisphere of a dog’s brain deals with emotional tones, whilst the left hemisphere deals with the meaningful verbal content.

2. They Can Detect Cancer

Dogs have a better sense of smell than us, there’s no denying that. An even more astounding fact is that dogs can smell cancer, even at stage zero. Several researchers investigated this relationship by training dogs to detect breast and lung cancer during a three-week experiment.

When the dogs smelt cancer cells, they would lie or sit down next to the sample. After, they would receive a reward. Amazingly, the findings propose that our four-legged friends can accurately sniff out cancer from stage zero to stage four.

3. They Can Significantly Lower Stress


What can’t they do? Multiple studies have reported that playing with or petting animals can lead to a decrease in stress level productions whilst increasing stress-reducing hormones. One study even reported that participants experienced a significant decrease in their blood pressure when asked to complete mental arithmetic tasks in the presence of a dog. Another study found that human blood pressure dropped by approximately 10% after interacting with a canine for up to 30 minutes. Thus, interacting with a pooch can indeed lead to an individual feeling more relaxed in a nerve-wracking situation (i.e., delivering a big presentation). They truly have been guiding and protecting us from the start.

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