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Guest writer - Durwin Banks, The Linseed Farm.

Once a month we will be having a guest writer creating an article for us about topics that you'll find interesting and informative! We're kicking it off with Durwin Banks, founder of The Linseed Farm, telling us about the history of flaxseed oil. 

Linseed (also called Flax) is one of the most ancient plants that provided so much for us and has been used for thousands of years. In the past it made paint, putty, Linoleum and the by-product of this process was largely fed to livestock. Today it is recognised as a superfood. When I started my journey almost twenty years ago, this was all I knew. I got the first press and started work, firstly for animals but soon as I learnt more about linseed I realised I had an opportunity to be in at the beginning of a kind of food revolution. As its use in paint and Linoleum declined, livestock feeding patterns changed with more cereals fed instead. Linseed is high in Omega 3 which could be the most important of fats. The oil extraction is called slow cold pressing, the oil to be cold pressed must be below 40 degrees our oil comes out at 27 degrees therefore is highest quality.          

Join us next month when we will have another guest writer - and let us know if you would like to get involved! 

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