The Benefits of Astragalus - Proflax

The Benefits of Astragalus

The benefits of giving your dog Astragalus are endless. This amazing power herb will give your dog energy and stamina, help with mental clarity and aid metabolism and healing. It is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties.

Astragalus can greatly improve your dog’s immunity, including the respiratory system, spleen, liver, kidneys and circulatory health. It stimulates T cell activity and raises the white blood cell counts, boosting the body’s defences against disease and illness by improving liver function. It also strengthens kidney function and is ideal for dogs in the early stages of infection, kidney disease or renal failure.

Astragalus is an ‘adaptogen’ which is a unique class of healing herbs that help to balance, restore and protect the body both physically and emotionally, thus promote homeostasis which reduces the effect of both chronic and acute stress.

Proflax adds Astragalus to both of their Immunity & Vitality and Calm & Collected formulas.

Choose Immunity & Vitality if your dog needs extra support to help build their immunity. This can be because of an operation, short or long term illness, an immune deficiency, are getting older or had pups and are struggling to get back to full health.

Calm & Collected is perfect if your dog is anxious or has behavioural issues. Some dogs fret over loud noises, being separated from their owners, are aggressive towards other people or dogs or are destructive in the home. It is also ideal for working dogs (those who compete in agility, flyball or gaming sports) as they can feel the pressure and may get anxious before a competition or not travel well in the lead up to an event.

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