Fish oil benefits

The core ingredient in our 'Omega' range is a blend of fish oil comprising of Sardine, Anchovy, Herring, Mackerel & small fish from the Tuna family (not endangered bluefin), sourced from the North Atlantic & Arctic oceans, which has been tested for toxins and found to be low in mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Our fish oil is all human food grade and of premium quality.

Fish oil is a polyunsaturated fat which is classed as a ‘good fat’ and is an excellent and rich source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are crucial in order for the body to perform key biological functions. Animals (humans and dogs!) are unable to produce EFA’s themselves so it is vital to add these beneficial fats to our diet. Fish oil consists of ‘long chain’ EFA’s in the form of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These types of EFA’s are different to flaxseed oil which consist of ‘short chain’ EFA’s in the form of ALA and LA. Omega 3 in the form of EPA & DHA supports the health of the brain, eyes, heart, kidneys and immune system. It is recommended that both short and long chain EFA’s are included in a dogs diet for total health and wellness.

Any oils that have been added to dog food in the manufacturing process will lose their nutritional value due to being subject to heat, light and air. The same applies when oil is added to food that has been prepared and frozen ready for later use. Oils need to be taken in their ‘raw’ state and as such, added to food, just before feeding.

More information on the importance of EFA's

EFAs are fat carried nutrients that every mammal needs to maintain healthy function and structure of smooth muscle organs (heart), to protect and build liver cells and to maintain healthy skin, coat and build strong joint tissues. They have also been linked to retinal development and are responsible for the synthesis and modulation of prostaglandins - chemicals that serve as mediators of various psychological processes in the body. Prostaglandins act upon smooth muscle contractions of the heart and digestive tract, the initiation and regulation of inflammatory responses and inhibit excessive clotting of the blood.
This means that if your dog doesn’t receive sufficient amounts of EFAs, critical body functions can be severely disrupted. Your dog can develop chronic skin and coat disorders, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, degenerative eye disease and allergies. Even dogs not showing any signs of disease will usually show dramatic benefits of an EFA enriched diet very quickly. A shinier, softer coat, less shedding, healthier skin, fewer fleas and better tolerance to allergens. With this in mind, it is easier to understand that EFA’s shouldn’t be regarded as a supplement but as a necessity.

Fish oil by itself can oxidise and go rancid quite quickly. However, because we add herbal tinctures to our oils,  they help to maintain its freshness. This is certified by an independent DEFRA approved laboratory.