Why Supplement?

Our four-legged friends face the same daily challenges as we do. To sustain optimal health and wellbeing they require a balanced, nutritious diet, exercise, mental stimulation and a happy, settled environment.

Let's start with food..

When it comes to food, there is a perception that there is no need to supplement if you are feeding what is labelled as a 'balanced' diet. Most dog foods today claim to include everything that your dog needs to maintain good health. Dry (kibble) and wet foods are labelled as balanced & complete with added nutrients and/or supplements, however, any type of food that has been through a manufacturing process will lose a percentage of its nutritional value.

Added supplements are generally in the form of botanicals (herbs) and oils, both of which are known to have huge health benefits when fresh. Many claim to support joints, are calming, aid digestion or relieve skin issues. However, the percentage of herbs used in most dried or wet foods is so minimal that they rarely provide effective support of any specific ailment. Plus, more importantly, when botanicals undergo any type of manufacturing process -  heating or drying - their bioactive compounds are compromised making them deficient of any real nutritional value.

It is also important to remember that every dog is unique. Some working dogs will require additional support than their house dog counterparts! Plus different breeds may require added support of their joints, heart etc.

An ingredient that is vital in your dogs diet to keep them healthy are essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which can be found in the form of fish or plant oils. EFA's cannot be made by the body and have to be supplemented in the diet. These oils are classed as 'good' (polyunsaturated) fats and are shown on labelling as flaxseed oil, salmon oil, hemp oil etc. When oils are added to dried dog food in the manufacturing process they become oxidised due to being heated and thus provide little or no nutritional value or health benefit. Oils that are added to home cooked foods have the same fate due to heating (even at low temperatures) as do any wet or raw complete foods that are prepared and then frozen as they lose their EFA’s through the thawing process because they have been subject to light and air. Therefore, oils need to be taken in the 'raw' state, poured over the prepared food, in order for them to be really beneficial.

By adding herbs, oils or any similar type of ingredient in its natural, raw state just before you feed your dog you are making sure that they are getting the correct level of supplement according to your dogs individual needs, with all of the active compounds and nutrients necessary to make a real difference to their health. Proflax supplements are 100% natural, fresh and ready blended to simply pour over your dogs food once daily. 

Rebalancing emotional stress

It is vital to support your dogs emotional wellbeing as well as their physical health. If we are anxious or upset they too will pick up on how we are feeling. It is important to maintain calmness, provide suitable exercise and provide plenty of mental stimulation so that they remain emotionally as well as physically happy. In today's busy world this can be a challenge!

Proflax supplements are 'holistic' which mean they support your dogs emotional as well as physical health and wellbeing. This is unique for any supplement. 

Benefits of Proflax supplements

* Include herbs that are adaptogenic which means that they will support your dog's ability to adjust, adapt and recalibrate itself depending on its emotional and physical surroundings.

* Packed with antioxidants which support cellular health, immunity, and help to keep their system detoxified. 

* Each of our products include unique formulations of concentrated active herbal tinctures which support various aspects of health. As they are bottled in their natural active state they retain all of their bioactive compounds and nutritional value. Proflax supplements will help to keep your dog in the very best of health both physically and emotionally.

* Pure cold pressed flaxseed oil helps to maintain a healthy heart, circulation & digestion, aid metabolism & hormone function and support healthy skin and mobility - https://proflax.co.uk/pages/flax-oil-benefits

* Herbal blends have been formulated by a UK holistic vet. 

* Fast acting -  supports health in as little as 7 days which is unique for any supplement product.

* Ready blended mixture, no worrying about which oils or herbs to select. Simply use once daily with any food type.

* Totally 100% pure and natural with no chemicals/additives which is validated by an independent UK DEFRA approved laboratory.