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Proflax Omega Calm

Proflax Omega Calm

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  • Proud To Be British & Vet Approved
  • 100% Natural & Packed with Nutrients
  • Easy Feed Supplements & Fast Acting
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Proflax Omega Calm is a 100% natural, ready-blended salmon oil & herbal tincture supplement. This amazing blend provides a high level of calming support for overly anxious, nervous, noise sensitive or destructive dogs. This holistic blend also supports overall general health & wellbeing - read about our 3-Tier Support approach here.

British made - Vet approved - Fast acting

Key Features
*  Reduces anxiety
*  Aids focus and training
*  Supports a healthy nervous system
*  Modulates stress

75%  food-grade Atlantic salmon oil
25% herbal tincture blend consisting of;

Withania: A wonderful adaptogenic herb which helps to help promote a sense of balance and calmness. Helps to keep the nervous system in good repair helping to maintain normal cognitive function. A brilliant antioxidant. Supports a healthy immune system. Contains iron.
Valerian: A potent calming herb which can help to keep the sleep-wake cycle in good order, as well as helping to keep stress and nervousness at bay. It also helps to keep smooth muscles relaxed. Contains calcium, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium and manganese.
Bacopa: A brilliant adaptogen to help keep your dog calm and relaxed and decrease their response to stress. Wonderful at helping your dog to maintain their focus and concentration. Supports good memory function and helps to keep the immune system healthy.
Passionflower: A calming and soothing herb which can help to stave off anxiety and improve sleep. A rich source of minerals and vitamins.
Lemon Balm: A mothering type of herb that offers calming benefits and helps to support optimal brain function. This combination can help nervous dogs to concentrate and engage more, as well as help them keep relaxed.
Avena Sativa: A nervine herb which helps to keep the nervous system healthy. Helps to maintain optimal cognitive function. A fantastic antioxidant. Contains manganese, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and E.

Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles

Omega Calm Suitability
Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks to support high level anxiety *. 
Should your dog have low level anxiety please select our Calm & Collected - https://proflax.co.uk/products/calm-and-collected

Feeding Guidelines
Shake for at least 10 seconds before every use. Keep refrigerated at all times.
Feed 1ml to every 2kg of dogs weight with regular food once daily. (10kg dog would be 5ml). For acute conditions feed  2ml to every 2kg of dogs weight for 5 days before reverting back to recommended daily feeding amount.

Store in the fridge once opened and in a cool, dark place prior to opening. Every bottle lasts 12 weeks when stored in the fridge after opening

More information on feeding and storage can be found here

* Not recommended for pregnant/nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old. Not to be used if your dog is known to be allergic/reactive to any of the ingredients listed or if your dog is taking blood thinning medication (anticoagulants) /blood modulators. For dogs pre operation stop feeding 5 days prior to anaesthetic. Please check with your own vet first if your dog is taking any medication as herbs can sometimes affect the absorption of certain drugs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Sam Sefton

Proflax Omega Calm

Early days

I’m not sure how long this product takes to work but Ive been using for just over a week and have yet to notice any change as yet. Will keep going and see

Dee Cobbs
Proflax omega calm for dogs

Excellent results with in a couple of days would highly recommend.


Great product to help calm our dogs


My dog has been on this for for six months now and I can see a massive change. It has helped her so much with her anxiety and separation issues. She honestly is like a new dog and it is so wonderful to see how much this is improving her life, thank you.