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Proflax Plaque Patrol

Proflax Plaque Patrol

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  • Proud To Be British & Vet Approved
  • 100% Natural & Packed with Nutrients
  • Easy Feed Supplements & Fast Acting
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Proflax Plaque Patrol is a 100% natural, ready-blended concentrated herbal powder formula for dogs. It contains multiple ingredients - not just seaweed - which will address any existing oral health issues plus keep teeth clean and breath fresh thereafter.

British made - Vet approved - Fast acting

Key features
* Removes plaque and tartar
* Keeps gums and teeth healthy & strong
* Reduces periodontal type conditions
* Powerful anti-inflammatory
* Freshens breath

100% natural powder formula

Seaweed: Has anti-microbial properties so keeps teeth free of plaque and freshens breath. Helps to reduce gingival irritation.

Calendula: Has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which help to prevent infection. Healing and helps with gingivitis. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Thyme: Eliminates bacteria and is powerful in treating cavities and dental infections. Combats bad breath, plaque, and tooth decay.

Decaff Green Tea:  reduces inflammation and helps to prevent gingivitis. Beneficial for periodontal disease.

Turmeric: has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helps to keep teeth clean, gums healthy, and breath fresh. Aids healthy digestion.

Parsley: Rich in anti-oxidants, reduces swelling. Freshens breath

Available in 100g, 225g and 450g tubs
Includes 5ml measuring scoop (3.4g Plaque Patrol powder)

Composition (per 3.4mg)
Seaweed 1624mg
Calendula 290mg
Turmeric 290mg
Thyme 232mg
Decaffeinated green tea 232mg
Parsley 232mg

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein: 10%
Crude Fibre: 8.5%
Crude Fat: 3.7%
Crude Ash: 31%

Plaque Patrol Suitability

Suitable for all dogs and puppies over 12 weeks to provide a high level of oral hygiene support * 

Feeding & Storage Guidelines
Add daily to raw, wet or dry food (mix with a little water for dry food if required). 

Amount to feed per day 
up to 5kg – half a scoop
5-10kg – half to 1 scoop
11-20kg - 1-2 scoops         
21-30kg - 2 to 2 and a half scoops
31-40kg – 2 and a half to 3 scoops
41+kg – 3 and a half to 4 scoops

How long will a tub last?
A 225g tub will last 33 days for a 20kg dog 

Store in a cool, dark, moisture free place. Batch and expiry date are shown on the tub. Shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture.

* * Not recommended for pregnant/nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old. Not to be used if your dog is sensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients listed in this product. Check with your vet if your dog has any underlying condition or is taking medication before feeding Proflax supplements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jess Bratton

It wasn’t delivered to my house, & Royal Mail would only deal with the sender. However when I asked for help, I was told that if Royal Mail said it had been delivered there was nothing further that could be done. So now I am waiting to find out if the house it was delivered to 15 minutes away from my house, will let me go and collect it. So I have no product & am currently £70 down. I have used this product before & my dogs loved it which is why I ordered again. However I will have to find a similar product from someone else.

Hi Jess,
As explained, the parcel was delivered to which we have photographic evidence of this. I apologise that you are disappponted but we have fulfilled this order to the correct address as requested on your order. Royal Mail have confirmed this also. I do hope that you manage to find your order, the photograph shows where the delivery has taken place so that should be useful information.


Not sure this works also upsets my very sensitive Cocker Spaniels tummy

Hi Nicola
Thank you for your review and it's unfortunate that you didn't find Plaque Patrol helpful. If your dog has a sensitive tummy it would be worthwhile adjusting the daily feeding amount and we are happy to discuss how to do this so that you can get the very best out of this product. We are on hand to discuss your dogs individual needs, please feel free to reach out, details can be found on our contact page https://proflax.co.uk/pages/contact-us

Ellen Kristine Bahr
Proflax paque patrol

After using Proflax paque patrol for a couple of weeks, I am now happy to say a notice less plaque on my dogs teeth and it seems to come off easier. His breath is also improved. I can reccomend this product.

Thank you for your review Ellen,
Nice to hear that hes having such great results on Proflax Plaque Patrol.


A good plaque remover just didn't last very long as hoped.

Thank you for your review Wayne.
We keep in stock 450g, 225g and 100g, please feel free to order a larger size.