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Kibble vs Natural Diet - The Great Debate

There's so much information online about what's ‘best’ to feed your dog. It seems that wherever you look there is one ‘expert’ contradicting another with financial gain to be had from their own perspective. The pet market in 2017 was worth almost £2.7 billion and there was 13 times more kibble sold than raw. Facebook hosts numerous raw feeding community forums where people are able to comment about their own experiences of feeding raw, many of which are extremely positive. However, researchers, vets and certain for-profit organisations or bodies of professionals say that there is no scientific evidence to support the health benefits of opting for a raw food diet. In summary, there is so much in the media about what and what not to feed your dog the whole topic can become very confusing.

It is important to investigate and research different types of dog food, whether canned, wet, dried or raw. Packaging can be unclear or misleading with claims of natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Below is a research paper by Jody Freeland which gives more insight regarding this great debate. 

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