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How to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy

Skin Issues – What are they and how do we fix them? Sadly, there are a colossal number of dogs that suffer with their...

Skin & Coat helps to restore pigment

We are delighted to announce that Proflax Skin & Coat can help to restore pigment in breeds prone to pigment fade...


Skin! The skin is the largest organ a dog has, and it’s a marvellous, sophisticated piece of kit. It grows hair, fee...

Help your dog stay comfortable this allergy season

Proflax Natural’s Skin & Coat formula contains some amazing active herbs that will help your dog stay itch-free, ...

Benefits of Our Skin & Coat Supplement

Proflax’s Skin & Coat blend contains a 25% herbal blend to support a glossy coat, reduce shedding and maintain h...
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