Allergies & Skin Conditions Blog

Frankie - how Proflax Skin & Coat has helped my allergies!

Frankie is the winner of our Dog of the Month for July 20. His paw parent Yasmine Millen entered her gorgeous boy to ...

Allergy or Yeast Infection?

When we see our fur babies itching, biting and scratching we automatically assume that they have an allergy. This po...

Environmental Allergies - does your dog suffer?

Environmental allergies in dogs are unfortunately very common. But how do you know if it is an environmental allergy,...


Skin! The skin is the largest organ a dog has, and it’s a marvellous, sophisticated piece of kit. It grows hair, fee...

Help your dog stay comfortable this allergy season

Proflax Natural’s Skin & Coat formula contains some amazing active herbs that will help your dog stay itch-free, ...

Benefits of Our Skin & Coat Supplement

Proflax’s Skin & Coat blend contains a 25% herbal blend to support a glossy coat, reduce shedding and maintain h...
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