Guest Writer – Colin Tomlinson, Canine Behaviourist & Nutrionist - Proflax

Guest Writer – Colin Tomlinson, Canine Behaviourist & Nutrionist

The Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the Control of Idiopathic Epilepsy in Dogs

The term, idiopathic, fundamentally means a disease of unknown cause. In dogs, idiopathic epilepsy is relatively common and is usually attributed to an ‘underlying genetic cause. It can be very frightening and shocking for an owner to witness their beloved dog having a seizure, I know from personal experience! The epilepsy can arrive very suddenly and for no apparent reason. Your vet will run several tests that can include, blood analysis, urine tests, scans and EEG’s to establish abnormal brain activity or toxins present in the body due to disease.

After diagnosis, the vet could prescribe anticonvulsant medication and advise regular re-testing. An area that tends to be overlooked, is the importance of a balanced diet to control idiopathic epilepsy. Certain foods can trigger seizures and certain foods with the addition of supplements can help dampen down the electrical stimulus in the brain. Research has shown that a low GI (glycemic index) grain-free, high-meat protein canine diet, high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, can be beneficial to the control of seizures.

During my career as a Canine Behaviourist and Nutritionist, I came across many owners who were perplexed by the lack of choice from their veterinary practitioners and were very grateful to try natural products that did not have the side effects of some epilepsy medication. Sometimes, medication is the only option but a holistic approach to treating epilepsy by a combination of prescribed medication and adjustments in diet by the addition of beneficial supplements like Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil, *Fish Oils (and removing contradictory ingredients like processed grains, artificial colours, various sugars and preservatives) can also relieve the intensity and the frequency of seizures.

Another advantage of the Proflax ‘Wellbeing & Vitality’ formula is the suspended herbal mix can potentially induce a calmer state which is essential when dealing with dogs that are predisposed to epileptic episodes when over stimulated. Another tip is to play ‘Hunt and Find’ games starting from a steady ‘sit’ position and using a healthy grain free treat, not ‘chase and kill’ games which will raise the levels of Adrenaline and Cortisol in the bloodstream.

*Fish Oils preserved by Rosemary Oil should not be administered as Rosemary Oil can stimulate an epileptic episode.

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