October - Dog of the Month

Welcome to our hall of fame, Tilly. Just look at how stunning and shiny your coat is! As a regular user of our Skin & Coat bottle, Tilly's Owner, Sarah, has been kind enough to update us on what the supplement has done for Tilly.

''I'm really impressed with the effect that Proflax Skin and Coat has had on Tilly's overall wellbeing, since adding it into her diet a month ago. Tilly has recently been adopted into our family, and as a young Working Cocker Spaniel, I wanted to ensure that she had all the nutrients she needed in her diet, to support her active lifestyle. Tilly suffered from regular bouts of Colitis in the past, which has vastly improved since a change to a raw diet and the addition of Proflax Skin and Coat. 

Tilly's previously lacklustre coat is also thicker, silkier, and super shiny, she gets so many compliments now! I'm so pleased to have found a range of supplements which are 100% natural and keep my dogs in optimal health. I would highly recommend Proflax to anyone looking to give their dog a natural boost!''

Thank you for this fantastic testimony, Sarah!
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