The Health Benefits of Echinacea

Many of us have been using the herb Echinacea when our systems need a boost. However, did you know it’s also a beneficial herb for our dogs?

Echinacea has multiple immune-boosting benefits which come from a number of constituents (e.g. essential oils, flavonoids). These constituents work at different levels to increase immunity and resistance in the body which can help combat various infections and diseases such as urinary tract infections and respiratory problems. Echinacea contains echinacoside, a natural antibiotic like penicillin. Therefore, it can effectively kill a range of viruses and bacteria which affect your dog, speeding the healing process. Echinacea also encompasses echinacein which aids in preventing germs from affecting your dog, neutralising the enzyme hyaluronidase which dissolves tissues.

When your dog is exposed to things like bacteria, echinacea alerts the immune system, treating it as a threat and after, strengthens the system. Echinacea can also be used as a preventative method. We have included this ingredient in our 'Immunity & Vitality' bottles.
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