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With Proflax, all of the hard work has been done for you in putting together one ready to feed product. Our ingredients will provide your dog with nutritional support from food based sources; flaxseed oil and herbal tinctures. They are designed to be added to your dogs regular food to support their general health and wellbeing together with specific areas of concern. 

All you need to do is simply add the required amount to your dogs food as often as necessary.

For all of our oil based products, be sure to shake the bottle vigorously for at least 10 seconds before every use to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed. After opening, please store your bottle of oil in the fridge. 

How much do I feed?

There are various ways to feed Proflax depending on the level of support your dog needs. These options are outlined in the table below and headed Preventative/Maintenance, Focused MaintenanceReactive and Acute. There is also a section dedicated to Yeast Infections. 

As with any natural herbal remedies, it is recommended that you take a short break from feeding the same herbs to avoid possible sensitivities, which continual repetition over long periods can cause. We suggest having a break period of 2 weeks after approximately 12 weeks of using the same product to allow the body to naturally rest. During this period you can stop feeding Proflax altogether or you can choose one of our other products to feed as the herbal ingredients differ. This is our recommendation so that your dog gets the very best out of Proflax products if used long term, however there are no adverse health effects if a product is fed continuously. 

You can also choose to rotate two different products if there is more than one issue you want to support. If this is the case then choose one of the options below to find out how much and how often to feed. For example if you are feeding in the reactive category you would feed one product one day and the other the next and then repeat for the suggested duration.

Proflax formulas work quickly as they are in their natural, active and concentrated state. For immediate relief you can feed the acute amount 24-48 hours prior.

For puppies over 8 weeks, ensure that you are feeding the correct amount according to your puppies size. Weigh them on a regular basis until your dog’s full maturity is reached.

We do not recommend that you feed Proflax products to pregnant and nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old. We always suggest that you check with your vet before giving Proflax if your dog is taking prescribed medication. This is because on occasions, herbs can affect the absorption of certain medication, so it may mean giving your dog Proflax at different times of the day. There are also occasions where medication can change blood pressure or have an affect on the central nervous system or organs so it is imperative that your vet approves your chosen formula taking into account your dogs specific medication.

 Approach Why choose this option Amount to feed How Often



  1. Your dog has no specific problem but you would like to add nutrients to their food to maintain good health.
  2. Your dog is breed predisposed to have possible future ailments; for example, a large breed that is prone to joint problems or a specific breed that is known to suffer with a heart condition.
  3. There has been a condition/dysfunction that is now under control after a Reactive approach and you want to provide ongoing support for up to a period of 12 weeks in total.

All Proflax Oils; Once daily, every other day (3 or 4 times a week) 1ml to every 2kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 10ml). 

Tummy Tastic powder; Once daily, every other day, a half scoop for every 10kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 1 scoop).

Feed up to 12 weeks in total then stop feeding for at least 2 weeks before re-commencing feeding the same product, if required. Alternatively, feed another Proflax product throughout the break period or for a period of time. If you are not feeding our Immunity & Vitality already then we suggest this product as it is fantastic in supporting all aspects of health and wellbeing. 


Focused Maintenance
  1. LIVER CLEANSE - we suggest that every dog is given a liver cleanse with Proflax Liver Love, even it they don’t have vaccinations, chemical flea treatments or medication. This is because we aren’t able to control environmental toxins, such as widely used pesticides and heavy metals in drinking     water.
  2. GUT SUPPORT - we suggest that the digestive system and gut bacteria is kept healthy and strong with Proflax Tummy Tastic pre & probiotic. 70% of our dogs immune system is in his gut and if it’s out of balance immune related conditions and allergies/sensitivities can occur. 

Liver Love; Once daily 1ml to every 2kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 10ml). 

Tummy Tastic; Once daily a half scoop for every 10kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 1 scoop).

Feed Liver Love or Tummy Tastic every 6 months for 2-4 weeks.

Reactive Suitable if your dog has an ongoing or recurring condition, period of illness, infection, had an operation, had pups, is in recovery, experiences stress, anxiety, is lethargic, lacks focus or concentration.

All Proflax Oils; Once daily 1ml to every 2kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 10ml).

Tummy Tastic; Once daily a half scoop for every 10kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 1 scoop).

Feed daily for 4-8 weeks (depending on severity) then follow the Preventative/Maintenance feeding guidelines for a further 4-8 weeks (12 weeks combined in total) before following the suggested break period/change of product.

Acute Where the condition is long term or chronic, for example, a skin condition supported by prescribed medication, or an extremely anxious or nervous dog.

Once daily 1ml to every 1kg of dogs weight (so a 20kg dog would be 20ml) 

Tummy Tastic should be given at the standard daily amount.

7 days before reducing down to the Reactive feeding guidelines for a total of 4-8 weeks then follow the Preventative/Maintenance feeding guidelines (12 weeks combined in total) before following the suggested break period/change of product.
**Yeast Infections Where an allergy is accompanied by smelly ears, paw chewing, scooting, blackened skin, poor digestion Feed Tummy Tastic and Liver Love daily and in rotation (Acute feeding of Liver Love on days 1,3,5 and 7 and standard amount of Tummy Tastic on days 2,4 and 6) and then revert to the Reactive feeding guidelines for a further 3 weeks. 

Once daily for 7 days Acute then once daily for 21 days Reactive


A liver and gut cleanse needs to be offered as an integrative protocol; diet needs to be grain, wheat, starch, dairy and sugar free. Avoid fermented foods. Avoid medication. Use natural cleansers for skin, paws, ears. 

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