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The benefit of herbs

Herbs have been around for thousands of years and contain powerful therapeutic properties. Through extensive research, it is now understood that ‘conventional’ medicine derived from plants.

“Until recently, plants were an important source of novel pharmacologically active compounds with many blockbuster drugs being derived directly or indirectly from plants. Despite the current preoccupation with synthetic chemistry as a vehicle to discover and manufacture drugs, the contribution of plants to disease treatment and prevention is still enormous. Even at the dawn of 21st century, 11% of the 252 drugs considered as basic and essential by the World Health Organisation were exclusively of flowering plant origin” - cited Prof. (Dr.) Ciddi Veeresham

Over the last Century, herbs have been used more to support and maintain good health and wellbeing — being the natural preferred choice over western allopathic medicine. This is also the case for our animals as overuse of some conventional medicines (e.g. antibiotics, vaccines, chemical sprays) has actually shown an increase in health issues such as allergies, cancers, aggression and anxiety a lot more than their predecessors. In recent years, clinical research has helped us to establish which herbs work best in supporting various aspects of health in animals.

Have you noticed that your dog may forage and choose to eat different plants at different times? This is called ‘self-selection’ which is a wonderful preventative health approach, enabling your dog to support itself both physically and emotionally. Proflax Natural herbal formulas have encompassed many of the ingredients your dog would select itself, depending on what it needs according to its current ‘deficiency’.

Every herb in its natural active state is made up of dozens of unique bioactive chemicals (phytochemicals). Active herbs are full of phytonutrients which are packed with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and antioxidants, thus are nutritionally beneficial.

Herbs can be used as part of an overall holistic approach and can support the five core elements necessary for good health and wellbeing, including the physical (e.g., nutrition) and emotional. When these are in balance, the social, intellectual and spiritual elements are better balanced too. This balance can be achieved by selecting specific herbs which when mixed together in their correct percentages create a synergy which offers some amazing therapeutic effects. Each of the Proflax Natural herbal formulas have been formulated by a UK renowned conventional/holistic vet using this method and include adaptogens which are a unique class of healing herbs that help to balance, restore and protect the body. They help to promote 'homeostasis' which is described as ‘a healthy state that is maintained by the constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways’.

We use only the finest British grown medicinal grade herbs, either flower, leaf or root which are free from pesticides or other chemicals. The herbs are freshly extracted in order to retain their active compounds, which means that they have not undergone any drying/heating or been through any synthetic processes and still hold all of their nutritional content. Due to our formulas being active and of high strength, they absorb more effectively into the bloodstream and work quicker. The farms that we use for all of our herbs are cGMP licensed and have full accreditation. 

We include 20-25% of our unique active herbal formulas to every bottle which makes Proflax Natural products powerful, effective, natural and safe for your dog. Each formula has been created to support a healthy Skin & Coat, Immunity & Vitality, Bones & Joints or for Anxiety and Focus (Calm & Collected).

Conventional treatments are effective in certain situations and may be absolutely critical. Herbal remedies can be ideal to be used alongside medication and treatment as an integrative approach as they can help from a balancing perspective as already explained. If you would like to take this approach, check with your vet first.

For any questions about the safety of herbs in pregnant, nursing bitches or puppies or those with specific medical ailments please refer to the FAQ section of this booklet.



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