Benefits of Our Superfoods

Holistic Natural & Herbal Supplements for Dogs UK

Our four-legged friends face the same daily challenges as we do. They require a balanced, nutritious diet to be physically fit and a solid, settled environment to emotionally flourish and be happy. 

Let's start with food.

As humans, we are constantly being told to eat our ‘5 A Day’ which generally refers to fresh fruit and vegetables. More correctly, it refers to the actual nutritional content of the food rather than the food itself, but with so many ‘fresh’ foods being chemically treated or exposed to environmental toxins, we are advised to opt for organic to ensure that we are getting those all-important nutrients. Another simple way of making sure that we are getting enough vital nutrients is to take a supplement.

The same applies to your furry friend, however, a majority of dogs aren’t getting enough nutrients from the food they eat. Natural/raw fed diets may contain more of the essential nutrients required for good health but they may still not provide sufficient vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to sustain ongoing optimal health throughout your dog's life. 

And talk about emotions!

There may also be other factors at play that affect the absorption of nutrients from the food you feed your dogs, which can include their age, genetics, environmental toxins and stress! The latter is very important as dog's can feel anxious too and can pick up on our own anxieties or emotions. This can overwhelm your dog's ability to cope which can eventually lead to physical illness or disease. This can be the case no matter how good your dog's diet is.


Proflax Natural superfood supplements are 'holistic' which mean they help keep your dog physically and emotionally in balance, promoting optimal health and wellbeing. Here's how:

    1. All three of our individual formulas include herbs that are adaptogenic which means that our products will literally help your dog to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on its emotional and physical surroundings. 
    2. All of our formulas are full of antioxidants and include herbs that help to maintain a good immune system, regulate adrenal function and cleanse waste and toxins from the liver/kidneys. This inner cleanse and rebalance is important so that the organs can absorb nutrients efficiently for the body to operate effectively. 
    3. The three individual products contain active herbs that help to manage specific issues: Bones & Joints, Skin & Coat and Wellbeing & Vitality (for dogs who are anxious, need more stamina and focus or as an extra immune boost for those recovering from an illness or operation). Proflax can be given to your dog as a preventative approach and support these key areas too!
    4. Flax oil is an excellent balanced source of omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids, which is crucial to any animals diet as we aren’t able to manufacture these fatty acids ourselves. Commercial dog foods contain a very small amount of all important omega-3, and even those that claim to contain higher amounts than cheaper dog foods still only have very small percentages and so offer very little health benefits. Flax oil consists of fatty acid ALA which helps to reduce inflammation (the root cause of lots of diseases) and helps to maintain a healthy heart, improve circulation and digestion, regulate metabolism and hormone function and support the health of the joints and skin. 
    5. Provide additional nutritional support - the active herbs in our formulas contain vitamins and minerals.
    6. All of the herbal blends in our products have been formulated by a top practising UK holistic vet to work in total synergy, so the correct amount of adaptogenic herbs in each blend to help with that specific problem and the emotions associated with it. Active herbs have powerful therapeutic properties akin to medication and so are equally effective, but most of all safe.
    7. Fast acting health benefits due to the correct herbal formulations — some see visible results in as little as 7-10 days.
    8. Totally 100% pure and natural with no chemicals or additives. This data is confirmed by an independent UK DEFRA approved laboratory.
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